Getting Rid of the Birds

Bird droppings are very unsightly. Seeing an occasional splatter of it on sidewalks or on my car was bad enough, but seeing the sidewalk at work covered in pigeon droppings was enough to make me take action. I was fighting a losing battle by simply hosing off the sidewalk in the morning because by the end of the day, it had droppings all over it again. We just had a bad bird pest control problem, and I needed more help than what I could provide on my own. I had no idea who to contact for help, so I just went online to figure it out.

I thought it would take me a while, and that I would end up having to contract someone to rig something up for me to make my business less desirable for the pigeons. I was not expecting to find a company where this is the only thing they do. They have been in business for decades, and they are also insured. Those are two things that speak volumes to me. I knew that a company would not survive that long if they were not able to deliver on what they said they can do.

I also looked over the different methods they use to control bird populations, or overpopulation in this case, and I approved of the very humane way they handle each case. There were also quite a few different options, and they explained each one to me. They also gave me their recommendation, which was to install spikes along the roof, since that is where they like to nest. Without that, my place of business would be a lot less desirable to them, and they would naturally move to another location where it is easier for them to nest. The problem was solved much easier than I expected!