The Most Promising Silver Mining Companies on the Stock Market

With the rise in the price of metals nowadays, it is worth it for every investor to look for the best opportunities for stocks of companies to buy. One of the most valued metals on the world’s stock exchanges was silver, as silver prices skyrocket, surely looking for shares of the best silver mining company is an excellent action to take.With that in mind, I will list the silver companies with the most profitable stocks or those that may appreciate the most in the future. The silver mining company that has the most potential is Kuya Silver which is a newly listed mining company that has a 100% interest in the Bethania silver mine located in central Peru. The Company has a very aggressive growth strategy through exploration and development and has plans to put the Bethania mine back into production. The Bethania mine has been operating in the market for over 40 years. The second most promising company is PAN AMERICAN SILVER.Pan American Silver has 9 plants in North and South America. Currently, the company has a value of approximately C$8.5 billion, but the company has very diversified revenues as silver exploration represents only 30% of the company’s revenues.

The third company is HECLA MINING. Hecla Mining is the oldest precious metals mining company listed on the NY Stock Exchange. The company accounts for 1/3 of all silver produced in the US and holds the largest reserve of American silver. The fourth company is COEUR MINING.Coeur Mining has five mines in North America. The company is worth close to $1.4 billion, but silver production represents less than 30% of the company’s revenue. And last but not least, the fifth company is FORTUNA SILVER MINES.Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. is a Canadian precious metals company that owns mines in North and South America. These are the silver mining majors that every investor interested in the exchange-listed precious metals market should seek out.